Dabbling my toes in the shallow end of Ham Radio

This blog is intended to encourage and inform people like me, who have no background in electronics or technology of any kind but want to dabble their toes in the shallow end of the Ham Radio Hobby, starting with SWL (Short Wave Listening) and perhaps progressing to greater things. My problem on first taking an interest (I read lots of Post-Apocalypse-type books and having a form of communication which can last after everything else has gone down is appealing) is that all the books I picked up seemed to assume an understanding of the very basics, which are so obvious to serious Ham Radio enthusiasts that they take it for granted that we were all awake in our school physics lessons (I wasn’t). And, most of all, even in the age of Twitter, which connects us to people all over the globe, I want to share the fun of discovering that you can listen directly to people, independently of a sophisticated modern communications network.


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